About Us

Who is Captain Crommett?

 “Just another off-shore fishing, lobster catching, sunset cruising Captain that has enjoyed Casco Bay all of his life” (well, not yet).

Having lived within 2 miles of Casco Bay all of his life, Captain Barry Crommett’s local knowledge is always delivered laced with humor.  So, if you’re looking for a memorable time off the beautiful Harpswell coast, with an experienced mariner who loves to share his passion for the coast of Maine, you have found the right person to show you around. BTW – don’t ask him about the blue lobster or the state record Mako shark – he may go on forever………….

About the Mate

Barry’s wife of over 35 years, Barb, is often the first (and, of course, only) mate. She coined the name over 25 years ago for our first Barbarian III vessel, standing for “Barb”, “Barry”, and our  “three” children.  When we upgraded our boat in 2021, our kids let us keep the new boats name – and we now run the MOXIE. Barb has plied the waters of Casco Bay for over 30 years and is a great conversationalist that brings a fun loving approach to every trip.

Departure location

We are in the middle of Casco Bay – and depart from the Town Dock on Potts Point – which is 13 miles from Brunswick on 1954 Harpswell Neck Road – named Route 123 out of Brunswick. The Town Dock is 500 yards south of Estes Lobster House.  See map here

3 Responses to About Us

  1. Bob white says:


    It’s Bob from the ESCB. Looking for a fishing boat for a few friends from college this summer. Any chance you could accommodate us?

  2. Mary Mohr says:

    2 of us looking to camp onto a half day charter for stripers
    Mary Mohr

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