Cruise Options and Rates

Barbarian III charters aboard MOXIE – fish/cruise options and rates

We offer the suggestions and structure below as a starting point – but we are very flexible and encourage suggestions as we want to ensure all aboard have a great experience.

Full day – 8 hour trip

We usually tour Casco Bay visiting seal hang-outs and looking for osprey, eagles, and other seabirds such as gulls, eiders, terns, kestrels, and shearwaters. We often cruise by the Monument, an 80’ navigational tower built in 1827 on Little Mark Island, Lands End off Bailey Island and Halfway Rock Lighthouse (five miles out to sea) The past five years there have been over 50 seals summering on Halfway rock and they often like to come out to the boat  and investigate why we are so interested in them.  If we are lucky we find minke and/or fin whales a few miles beyond Halfway Rock Lighthouse.  We can visit Admiral Peary’s summer home and museum on Eagle Island and have lunch there.  We often pull a couple lobster traps on the way in – you can keep any legal lobsters and crabs that we catch.

If you are more interested in offshore fishing, we can also run offshore from 8 to 25 miles (this is almost always a 10 hour day) and look for whales, dolphin, and bluefin tuna on the way out and once on the fishing grounds fish for haddock, hake, pollock, and mackerel. These offshore grounds can also hold bluefin tuna and if we see them busting, we will set live baits over to fish for these giants. Inshore or offshore – if we do fish, the kids always enjoy trying to catch the mackerel and pollock (as all of my kids did) with their hands after we put them in the livewell. If anyone on board wants to learn about navigation or to drive the boat – I am happy to accommodate.

8am to 4pm, times are negotiable                                   

Rates:  $1,000 for up to 6 people – for 8 hours. Cash, check, PayPal, Venmo accepted.

Half day or Sunset cruise – 4 hour trip

We will try to do as many of the sights, activities, and fishing as the 8 hour cruise – likely not enough time to go offshore or stop on Eagle Island, but will still have a great time and, of course, still have time to pull a couple of lobster traps. We can also focus on mackerel fishing if desired. This is our most popular trip – especially for families.

8am to noon; 1pm to 5pm, 5pm to 9pm – times are negotiable                                

Rates:  $500 for up to 6 people. Cash, check, PayPal, Venmo accepted

Full day shark fishing trip

This trip can be 8 hours but almost always schedule for 10 due to the offshore run required and to give the sharks enough time to find our chum slick and come to the boat  looking for its source.  Our target will be 50 to 250 pound blue sharks and, if we are lucky, a thresher, mako or porbeagle. The largest mako we have landed is 478 pounds. We typically use stand-up gear but do have 130 lb. tuna rods on the boat if needed.  We usually release the sharks but may keep one thresher, mako or porbeagle (good table fare) if they are of legal length and if all commit it will all be eaten.

7am to 3pm or 5pm, if feasible for the party, an earlier departure is recommended.

Rates:  $1,300 for 10 hours – up to 6 people. Cash or check, please.

Contact us to set up a trip!

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